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LIFEPAK CR® Plus Defibrillator
Built on confidence that comes from over 50 years of innovation

Featuring the same advanced technology trusted by emergency  medical professionals—yet simple to use—the LIFEPAK CR Plus automated external defibrillator (AED) is designed specifically for the  first person to respond to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Unlike AEDs with complex prompts and limited energy for defibrillation,  the fully automatic LIFEPAK CR Plus AED combines an easy two-step operation, just the right level of guidance, and the capability to escalate to 360 joules when needed.

A simple, two-step process

Two steps: turning the device on and applying the electrode pads to the victim. That’s  all it may take to make the difference between death from sudden cardiac arrest and a better chance for survival. The fully automatic CR Plus then takes over, giving ClearVoice prompts and delivering the shock—up to an industry-leading 360 joules—without anyone pushing a button. A recent study shows that safety is not compromised when untrained rescuers use a fully automatic AED compared to a semi-automatic AED*.

Step 1: Turn it on
Step 2: Apply the electrode pads

* T. Hosmans, I. Maquoi, C. Vogels, A. Courtois, J. Micheels, M. Lamy, K. Monsieurs. Resuscitation. “Safety of fully automatic   external defibrillation by untrained lay rescuers in the presence of a bystander.” Volume 77, Issue 2, Pages 216–219, 2008.

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