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ultrasound imaging

E-CUBE 11. It’s E-CUBE but, there is more...

It’s the most powerful architecture we’ve ever applied to ultrasound imaging. We’ve worked on all aspects of acoustic acquisition and established signal processing algorithms, enabling you to truly experience the advancement of ultrasound.

Supported by ALPINION’s family of proprietary Crystal SignatureTM transducers and solutions for technically difficult patients in every exam type, this platform offers new levels of imaging performance.

Smart Workflow

Make work smart and more productive.

ECUBE 11’s intuitive tablet like touch screen interface is designed to reduce reach and button pushes. It also enables you to focus more on your patients with quick responses and precise key selection.

Better Performance

ECUCE 11 provides consistent image quality, enabled by our enhanced digital signal processing and image algorithms.

Optimized integration with our advanced transducers maximises the image quality.

Frame Rate Technology

Removing the compromise between frame rate and image.

You can experience both highly detailed ultrasound images and superior temporal resolution and frame rate through beams with fewer transmit operations.

Adaptive Post Processing

The newly advanced post processing introduces a high performance image filter which is adapted differently by each application. This provides exceptional detail, clearer border definition and a wider grey scale in tissue.

HD Digital Beam Forming

The advanced platform with HD enables you to get outstanding image resolution especially in near field, consolidating uniformity.

Crystal Signature

Crystal Signature single crystal technology provides higher sensitivity, better penetration and less heat degradation than traditional PZT materials. With the single crystal volume convex transducer ECUBE 11 fully supports excellent 3D/4D imaging for various diagnoses.

Giving you a Diagnostic Edge

ECUBE 11 offers a wide selection for complete exam coverage including abdominal, small parts, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal and OB/Gyn making it the best possible choice.

Medical Products

Offering a great range of quality products such as, Ultrasound, Anaesthetics, Patient Monitoring and CPAP/BPAP and Diagnostic Sleep Labs and more.


We provide training for all products that require it. Ensuring that you are able to understand and use your new purchases fully.

24/7 BACK-UP

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.
You can contact us at anytime whenever you have a question or need about any of our products or services.


Annual servicing is a necessity and is, of course, very important in keeping your equipment working well throughout its lifespan.

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