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ECUBE 9 Diamond
Acoustic Technology

Continuous Innovation-Superior Reliability

The outstanding quality of E-Cube 9 DIAMOND enables a refined acoustic technology that precisely manages and handles ultrasound signals.

ALPINION’s unique and flexible imaging platform, FLEXCAN architecture enhances system stability and helps to maintain system performance to the latest software version. The reliable imaging platform guarantees uniformed image quality.

The unique imaging platform and acoustic technology of the ECUBE 9 Diamond delivers uniformed image quality and crystal clear image performance to clinicians.

Specialised features for various applications

Volume Master – Alpinions intuitive 3D/4D software offers fast rendering and outstanding quality.

Live HQ – The innovative rendering technology, Live HQ, provides realistic foetus images and fosters maternal-foetal bonding.

Cube Strain and Stress Echo – This high end software offers accurate diagnosis of Cardiac disorders by quantifying myocardial deformations.

Full Cardiac Measurement packages – The Full Cardiac measurement package supports more precise cardiovascular examinations.

Wide range of Transducer options

Crystal Signature provides single crystal transducers with wide band and deep penetration.

Special transducers with advanced technology include:

  • Wide Linear probes for Breast exams
  • Single crystal volume convex probes
  • World’s first Intra-Oral transducer
Technologies for outstanding image performances

The E-Cube i7 features a high frequency linear transducer, the hockey stick. The hockey stick is ideal for imaging superficial, nerve blocks and vascular procedures.

PITHI & FTHI – Advanced Harmonic Imaging
PITHI (Phase Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging) and FTHI (Filtered Tissue Harmonic Imaging) permit accurate diagnosis through rapid and clean images.

SRI / FullSRI™
SRI / FullSRI™ minimize artifacts and enhance edge boundaries.

Features that make your diagnostic procedures more efficient

Quick ID enables a patient registration process by simply entering basic information. (patient ID, name, birth date and gender)

Power User Preset
Power preset is based on user-defined presets that include transducer selection, assigned specific functions, and image parameters.

Xpeed™ is a one-button optimization tool for efficient diagnostic flow. It optimizes images in 2D, Color Flow and Doppler modes.

Auto IMT
Carotid scanning observes in early stage of arteriosclerosis. ALPINION’s Auto IMT software enables accurate and automatic measurements for the thickness of the upper and lower intima-media through a single line near the intima.

Live Dual
Live dual mode compares real-time images in dual screen (BW/BW, BW/CF, BW/PD), enabling quick operation with diagnostic accuracy.

CUBE View™
CUBE View™ is ALPINION’s world’s first real-time ultrasound image sharing solution. Through wireless connection and CUBE View™ app in iPhone and iPad, users can share live ultrasound images from E-CUBE to anywhere.

Needle Vision™ Plus
ALPINION’s sophisticated needle visualization technology, Needle Vision™ Plus dramatically enhances visibility of needle tip by increasing perpendicular reflection with Beam steering technology.

Auto NT(Nuchal Translucency)
Auto NT (Nuchal Translucency) is a semi-auto traced measurement tool of the Nuchal Translucency in the first trimester. Without a user dependency, this tool allows you to improve the accuracy of the routine biometry during early second-trimester evaluations with reproducibility, avoiding over and under estimation, which integrates easily into your workflow.

Medical Products

Offering a great range of quality products such as, Ultrasound, Anaesthetics, Patient Monitoring and CPAP/BPAP and Diagnostic Sleep Labs and more.


We provide training for all products that require it. Ensuring that you are able to understand and use your new purchases fully.

24/7 BACK-UP

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.
You can contact us at anytime whenever you have a question or need about any of our products or services.


Annual servicing is a necessity and is, of course, very important in keeping your equipment working well throughout its lifespan.

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